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The Legend in the Making…
Those were the days when fire protection was seen to be prevalent only for sectors which are highly prone to fire, more so in Middle East region where even such sectors needed to get the products mostly from US. At such a time, back in 1983 a group of 3 people led by Mr. Ahmad Al Khatib decided to start a manufacturing plant for Fire Fighting Equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enable cost effective availability of fire fighting products and in turn enable adoption of these life saving products in other industrial sectors. This was the cornerstone to start SFFECO – the Saudi Factory for Fire Equipment Co.
Cornerstone of SFFECO in KSA
Building a manufacturing plant using the most modern hi-tech equipment, having the facilities and capacity to employ high skilled professionals, producing products that match global standards, to serve the exponentially growing market needs, as can be assumed is a phenomenal task that required conscious efforts for continuous improvement.
1983 - 1993
1994 - 1995
Export Business Starts
Assessing the demand for the product in other markets SFFECO started its export business in 1994 to serve other regional markets. .
First ISO Certified Company in Middle East
Always having focus on continuous improvement to processes, SFFECO decided to take undergo process correction through streamlining as per ISO standards and in 1997 SFFECO became the first company ever in Middle East Fire Fighting Industry to be certified for ISO 9001:2008
1996 - 1997
1998 - 1999
Coined Strategic Expansion Plans
Seeing the very lucrative and exponentially growing market, Saudi Arabia invited the attraction of many Chinese players who brought in huge price competition with low quality cheap products. Strong in ethics, and not believing in the philosophy of producing life saving firefighting equipment that deteriorated quality, SFFECO decided to expand its footage to other continents, and started its conceptualization for a UK alliance. The need for expansion was due to the understanding that firefighting manufacturers need to become a one-stop-shop for all firefighting equipments. .
Strategic Alliance with LIFECO, UK
The year 2000 marked the formation of strategic alliance with LIFECO (Lichfield Fire and Safety Equipment Co. Ltd.) in UK. While SFFECO mainly focused on the mechanical firefighting equipments, its alliance with LIFECO supplemented it with the fire electrical part of the firefighting equipment. In 2000 LIFECO was working on a strategic alliance to become the OEM supplier of one of the leaders in Fire Fighting manufacturing in UK. This process marked an important turnaround for LIFECO’s operation as they upgraded its manufacturing facilities and underwent quality certification processes, to attain this alliance. LIFECO certified its facilities and products for Kitemark and LPCB the same year and in 2001 became the OEM supplier to the prestigious manufacturer.
2000 - 2003
2003 - 2004
International Expansion
SFFECO and LIFECO rolled out many prestigious brands to each of its markets, participated in many events and expanded its business and exports to other parts of the world. .
Formation of Export Wing SFFECO International in Dubai
2005 - 2006
2007 - 2009
Techniq International Commences Operation
The need and the market for ambulances and specialty vehicle conversions in middle east, marked foundation of Techniq International in Dubai, UAE in 2007 to serve the market with specialized conversions which otherwise required support from the West. Techniq International attained prestigious projects that required advanced and complex vehicle conversions and gained trust of customers to rely on Techniq International instead of seeking to export such vehicles. .
Establishment of SFFECO UAE and ITE
SFFECO spun off its high demanded Fire Truck and Fire Pumps arm and formed ITE (Industrial Technology). SFFECO UAE was started to serve the lucrative UAE market.
2010 - 2011
SFFECO GLOBAL - The Journey Begins
To be able to provide a clear vision and direction to each of its independent companies - SFFECO, LIFECO, Techniq International and ITE and expand product line with its strategic partner LIFECO, SFFECO GLOBAL was formed in 2012. SFFECO GLOBAL plans to spin off more companies in future to cater to a variety of industries like Energy, Environment, Consumer Goods, to keep its vision of ‘Save, Support and Sustain’ lives. .